your idea made in clay

I love to take your ideas and transform it into something tangible, creative and hopefully lasting for ever. Let's talk about your needs and measurements. It will always have my fingerprints on it, but I love becoming a team with you and your ideas.

idea 1

company cups

give the team a special gift for Christmas, birthdays or company anniversaries.

idea 2

birth gift

a unique way of welcoming a tiny human to this world by creating their very own table set.

customize it with a stamped name

idea 3

toothbrush cups

a family set for the bathroom - so everybody gets their own little cup.

customize it with a stamped name

idea 4

mothers day present

this tall vase a unique present for your mother to say thank you.

customize it with a stamped text like "für mami"

idea 5

personal cup

simply a very own personal cup with your colours, your name and your form - everything is possible